V BNDES International Piano Competition – 2016

Tribute to Lucia Branco and Camargo Guarnieri

November 30 - December 10, 2016

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Daniel Ciobanu is the winner of V BNDES International Piano Competition of Rio de Janeiro.

News of the winners

sasha_grynyukSASHA GRYNYUK

Winner of the 1st BNDES International Piano Competition (2009), received 1st prize in the Grieg International Piano Competition (Norway, 2012), as well as 1st prize in the 29th Valsesia Music International Piano Competition (Italy, 2013) and the 20th Ibiza Piano Competition (Spain, 2013). His CD ‘Sasha Grynyuk Gould Gulda’ was chosen the “Album of the Month” by German “Piano News” magazine. His forthcoming concerts are:

02.19.2014 – Augsburg, Germany (recital)
21.02.2014 – Hattori Foundation – London (recital)
18.03.2014 – Munich, Germany (recital)
12.05.2014 – Freiburg, Germany (recital)
13.05.2014 – Basel, Switzerland (recital)




TINA CHONGtina_chong

Since winning the 2nd Prize in the I BNDES International Piano Competition (2009), she also received the “Best Canadian Prize” at the 2011 Montreal International Music Competition. She has performed several times with orchestras throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico, including the Calgary Philharmonic, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, as well as recitals at the Aspen Music Festival , Kennedy Center in Washington, Sala Chopin in Mexico City, Sheldon Center in St. Louis, National Arts Centre and Rideau Hall in Ottawa and the WFMT Series of Chicago. She is currently finishing her Doctorate of Music degree at the Indiana University.

02.14.2014 – Ontario, Canadá (recital)
02.16.2014 – Val d’Or, Canadá (recital)
02.23.2014 – Midland, Canadá (recital)
02.25.2014 – Roun-Noranda, Canadá (recital)
02.26.2014 – Québec, Canadá (recital)
02.27.2014 – Amos, Canadá (recital)
02.28.2014 – Prescott, Canadá (recital)
03.02.2014 – Thetford Mines, Canadá (recital)
03.07.2014 – Gatineau, Canadá (recital)
03.09.2014 – Rivière-du-Loup, Canadá (recital)



SIMON GHRAICHYsimon_ghraichy

3rd Prize winner in the I BNDES International Piano Competition (2009), has performed in five continents with important orchestras and in major concert halls and Festivals. His next concerts include:

01.11.2014 – Cairo Opera, Egypt/ Saint-Saëns N. 5 with Cairo Symphony
01.25.2014 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (recital)
01.31.2014 – Beirut, Lebanon/ Beethoven N.3 with the Lebanese Philharmonic
02.20- 03.01.2014 – MALI – Piano Ambassador of Peace
(3 recitals for the French and American soldiers in Bamako, Mali)
04.10.2014 – Paris, France (recital)
05.04.2014 – La Havana, Cuba/ Saint-Saëns N. 2 with the Cuban National Symphony
05.15 – 05.26.2014 – Mexican Tour
05.26 – 06.16.2014 – New York, USA(Artist-in-Residence at the Epstein VI Foundation)
06.18.2014 – Chantilly, France (recital)


FABIO MARTINOfabio_martino

Winner of the 2nd BNDES International Piano Competition and Best Performer of Brazilian Music (2010), was unanimously voted the winner of the Munich Competition in 2011. His first CD, released in 2013 by the Oehms label, was praised by the international press. His forthcoming concerts are:

01.12.2014 – Miami International Piano Festival – Miami, USA
01.19.2014 – Gilmore Piano Festival – Kalamazoo, USA
03.10.2014 – MS EUROPA 2-Singapore/Malasia/Brunei/Philippines/ Hong Kong
04.19.2014 – Ribeirão Preto Symphony Orchestra – Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
09.04.2014 – Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
09.18.2014 – Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (OSESP) – São Paulo, Brazil
09.19.2014 – OSESP – Sala São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil
09.20.2014 – OSESP – Sala São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil
09.25.2014 – Sala São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil
09.27.2014 – Sala São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil


sasha_grynyukKOTARO FUKUMA

Following a 2nd prize in the 2nd BNDES International Piano Competition (2010), was soloist with Cleveland Orchestra, Moscow Philharmonic, Israel Philharmonic, Finnish Radio Symphony, Dresden Philharmonic, Île de France National Orchestra, Galicia Royal Philharmonic, Japan Century Philharmonic and New Japan Philharmonic. He recorded several CDs distributed worldwide, the latest including the Chopin Ballades by the Denon label in 2013.
His coming scheduled concerts are:
12.14.2013 – Asahi Cultural Center – Tokyo, Japan
01.17.2014 – Yokohama, Japan
01.23.2014 – Neuilly, France
01.30.2014 – Victoria Hall – Geneva, Switzerland
03.18.2014 – Osaka, Japan
03.28.2014 – Limoges, France
03.30.2014 – Toulouse, France
04.29.2014 – Chamonix, France
05.05.2014 – Miami International Piano Festival – Miami, USA


EVGENY BRAKHMANevgeny_brakhman

3rd Prize winner in the II BNDES International Piano Competition, has performed with some of the most prestigious orchestras and conductors: La Scala Orchestra, Tivoli Symphony, Bournemouth Symphony, Royal Scottish Symphony, Franz Liszt Orchestra, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, under the baton of Philippe Entremont, Gianandrea Noseda, Alexander Lazarev, Alexander Rabinovich, Saulus Sondetskis, Andres Mustonen, Ja Ja Ling and Roman Kofman.
He is also a professor at the Conservatory Nizhny Novgorod State Glinka.
His next concerts include:

12.16.13 – Ivanovo, Russia
12.21.13 – Nizhny Novgorod, Russia/A tribute to Rachmaninov
12.22.13 – Dzerjinsk, Russia/ A tribute to Rachmaninov
12.28.13 – Matovo (Kaluga), Russia.
01.03.14 – Tainan, Taiwan/ Tchaikovsky N. 1 with Taiwan Soloists Symphony
01.05.14 – Kaohsiung, Taiwan/ Tchaikovsky N. 1 with Taiwan Soloists Symphony
01.07.14 – Taipei, Taiwan/ Tchaikovsky N. 1 with Taiwan Soloists Symphony
01.12.14 – Taichung, Taiwan/ Tchaikovsky N. 1 with Taiwan Soloists Symphony
02.08.14 – Moscow, Russia/ “Cliburn Remembered” recital.
02.22.14 – Tel Aviv, Israel
02.23.14 – Jerusalem, Israel
03.01.14 – Tivhon, Israel


TAMILA SALIMDJANOVAtamila_salimdjanova

1st Prize and Audience Award winner in the 3rd BNDES International Piano Competition (2012), was invited to perform three recitals in the renowned Radio-France et Montpellier Festival, as well as one recital in the Salle Cortot, Paris. In 2014, she will tour Brazil and Argentina, performing in the Festivals of Campos de Jordão, Londrina, Gravatá and Garanhuns, as well as with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Sergipe Symphony, Bahia Symphony , Paraná Symphony and Mendoza Philharmonic. She is also invited to play in the Folles Journées in France and in California.