V BNDES International Piano Competition – 2016

Tribute to Lucia Branco and Camargo Guarnieri

November 30 - December 10, 2016

Sole sponsor
Daniel Ciobanu is the winner of V BNDES International Piano Competition of Rio de Janeiro.

Guiomar Novaes of Brazil

One of the most outstanding names in Brazilian music of all times, pianist Guiomar Novaes had her artistic career reviewed in Guiomar Novaes of Brazil, a book by journalists Luciana Medeiros and João Luiz Sampaio. The book, released by BNDES International Piano Competition of Rio de Janeiro in 2011, retrieves important aspects of the history of the soloist, particularly the rise of her career in the U.S. In addition to disclosing unpublished information about this period of Novaes’ music and life, the project includes the release of two CDs with rare recordings of the pianist as soloist of the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Leonard Bernstein, George Szell and André Cluytens.


The book Guiomar Novaes of Brazil can be found at the Cultura, Travessa and Leonardo da Vinci bookstores. It is also available at the webstore Classicos.