V BNDES International Piano Competition – 2016

Tribute to Lucia Branco and Camargo Guarnieri

November 30 - December 10, 2016

Sole sponsor
Daniel Ciobanu is the winner of V BNDES International Piano Competition of Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio a new concert piano acquired by the BNDES International Piano Competition

The Steinway made apparatus will be inaugurated on November 27 by por Daniil Trifonov at the 2011 Festival opening in Theatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro

One of the most relevant targets of the BNDES International Piano Competition of Rio de Janeiro is the encouragement in the pursuit of excellence in instrument performance – which can only be hit if fine pianos are made available to concert halls, schools and music institutions. Following the grant of twenty upright pianos in the 2010 Edition to several such institutions in Rio (UFRJ Music School, Brazilian Conservatory of Music and the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra), the BNDES International  Piano Competition purchased in 2011 at Steinway-Hamburg a Concert Grand piano for the 2011 Festival performances and forthcoming Competition editions. Selected at the German manufacturer premises by Frech pianist Pierre Réach – a professor at the National Conservatory of Paris and juror of the 2010 BNDES Piano Competition, “this aquisition integrates the wide range of actions BNDES has been undertaking towards the Brazilian culture in general and classical music particularly”, points pianist Lilian Barretto, artistic director of the Competition.