V BNDES International Piano Competition – 2016

Tribute to Lucia Branco and Camargo Guarnieri

November 30 - December 10, 2016

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The coming edition of the BNDES International Piano Competition is scheduled for April 2019. Dates and Regulations will be announced soon.

October, 2016


According to the information forwarded to the candidates the Opening Concert on November 30 as well as the Winners Recital on December 11 have been canceled.

The updated agenda is as follows:

December 1st and 2nd – 3 pm: First Round
Sala Cecilia Meireles

December 4 and 5 – 3 pm: Semifinal Round
Sala Cecilia Meireles

December 10 – 4 pm: Final Round
Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and finalists
Conductor: Roberto Tibiriçá
Award Cerimony

Please book your flight so that you arrive in Rio on November 30 and leave on December 11. A meeting between the Competition Coordination and candidates is scheduled for November 30 at 5 pm.

Your stay in Rio will start on November 30. Your hotel expenses will be covered by the Competition for the duration of your participation in the rounds.